Tips & FAQs

Top 10 Tips when Moving Home

1. Declutter your Belongings

Decluttering is essential to do every now and then, but it’s even more important before moving house. Before even attempting to pack, you should decide what to sell, donate or throw out. By decluttering, you'll also keep your removal costs down too. You’ll be glad of it come moving day and believe us, the removal guys will be glad that they don’t need to shift your lava lamp, inflatable chair and broken-down computers.

2. Start Packing the Least Used Room(s)

A good starting point will be rooms and items you use the least. The spare bedroom, garage or attic are usually easy places to start. Leave everyday items until the day before the move and keep any essentials items such as medication separately.

3. Make Lists and Label your Boxes

Lists and labels – either done by hand or kept on your phone – can be super helpful when trying to keep track of all your stuff during the move. Grab a permanent marker to label boxes – not just ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’ but more specific: for example, ‘kitchen utensils’ and ‘children's toys’.

4. Pack One Room at a Time

This is one of the most important packing tips which for some reason often gets neglected. Doing this will help you stay organised and will later tell the movers, or anyone unloading, which box goes where.

5. Protect Fragile Items

Remember to buy packing paper, use it to pad all your fragile glass, crockery and decorative items. Stuff it inside glasses, wrap it around vases and bowls, and shove it between your dishes and the side of your boxes. Make sure you wrap each of your fragile items separately, so they’re fully cushioned. If you don’t have packing paper, opt for bubble wrap or a quilted blanket. We sell all of these items at great prices for your convenience.

6. Think Clean and Clear

The last thing people, who are moving into your house want to see, are your unwanted items. Make sure to clear out every area of your house – it is just common courtesy. Then once that is done it is time to start cleaning! We offer clearance and cleaning services to take the pressure off, so that you can just use one company to take care of all your requirements and keep things as simple as possible.

7. Stop Buying Groceries a Week Before You Move

To save you the guilt of throwing away perfectly decent food, stop buying groceries a week or two before you’re scheduled to move. Try to make meals at home to use all the food you have left. It’s a good opportunity to use up the contents of your freezer. If you don’t finish everything, invite a friend or two over to see if they need some half-finished spices or boxes of pasta. For anything you can’t get rid of, toss it and don’t look back. For any chilled or frozen items, you decide to hold onto, buy or borrow some cooler boxes so that you can pack them on the morning of your move and take them with you.

8. Set Up Mail Forwarding through Royal Mail

When you’re moving house, you should be sure to set up mail forwarding through Royal Mail. This is super helpful in case you forget to change your address on any of your accounts. Which reminds us, remember to change your address with your bank, as well as any companies you get mail from. You don’t want your mail to accidentally fall into the wrong hands, so it’s best to cover your bases and forward your mail (for a couple of months) even if you think you’ve changed your address everywhere. Royal Mail can forward your post to anywhere in the world, not just addresses in the UK. Check out this link to learn more about mail forwarding with Royal Mail.

9. Notify Utilities and your Local Council

You need to get in touch with your gas, electricity and water suppliers and inform them that you are moving. A final reading will be taken, and you will be issued a final bill. To make sure you are not overcharged on council tax, you need to update your details. Check with your local office (contact details will be on your last bill), but generally, you will need to provide the following information:

  • your old address and the date you are leaving the property
  • your new address
  • the name of the new owner or tenant of your old address
  • the name and address of the solicitor dealing with the sale

10. Book a Removal Company

Once you’ve decluttered your personal belongings and have a rough idea of what you’ll be taking, now you should book a removals company. You could attempt to do it yourself, but it would be a lot of added stress and time and in our experience, you may end up calling a removal company for help at the last minute when things don’t go to plan. The removal company will have many years’ experience of carefully packing, handling and loading delicate and heavy items so they arrive safely at your new house. We advise you to get several quotes to see what services are available and who is most competitively priced. A word of caution – make sure that you use a professional company not just a man with a van! Don’t trust just anyone with your precious belongings, make sure they have the right insurance, clean, sign written vans and the correct equipment. Have a look at the reviews for that company to see what personal experiences people have had with them. It may seem like a good idea to cut costs initially, but it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run if it is not done properly.

Domestic Moving FAQs

Bracknell Transport Services removal prices are tailored to your needs. Our basic service supplies you with a removal van with crew and includes mileage and insurance, but you may choose extra services such as packing supplies, professional packing, additional carpet protection, clearance, cleaning and storage too. All will be explained during your FREE quote.

Yes, your goods will be covered by insurance during your removal and during storage. During your removal, your goods will be insured up to £10,000 per van load. Storage insurance differs, dependant on which facilities you wish to use. Individual items exceeding £2000 can be quoted for separately. We carry all our certificates for you to view at any time.

Unless this was agreed in the quote, all items needing to be dismantled are expected to be done by the customer and ready to move before we arrive. If agreed in the quote, our staff will carry out the dismantling and reassembly. It is essential that you say what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary time and equipment to be provided. Please see our Dismantling and Reassembly Service Page.

Generally, we aim to be at your address between 8:30am and 9:00am in the morning. If you are moving long distance, we will liaise with you and give you an estimated time of arrival.

It is the customers responsibility to empty the contents of their loft. You must ensure that all items are removed from the loft and packed ready to go, before our crew arrives.

Yes, is the simple answer. If you do your own packing, use boxes that are a suitable size and strength. Make sure you seal all your boxes well; our surveyor can demonstrate the best way to do this if you are unsure. Open top boxes, like banana boxes make it impossible to safely stack your goods in the van. Always find out how packing your own boxes affects your insurance, most companies will only recognise damages if the box has been dropped or crushed. We sell a range of suitable packing materials and all of our boxes include a printed room guide, so you know which room the contents of the box belong to, as well as a list of suitable items to pack in that particular sized box. Additionally, we have 3 different box sets to choose from, so that you know what you need. Please see our Packing Materials and Box Sets page.

If parking is difficult outside your property or there are restrictions, you will need to contact your local council and organise parking. We can advise how much room or time will be required to carry out your removal. Any parking fines incurred will be added to your final bill and be paid by you as per our terms and conditions .

Containerised Storage is not the same as Self Storage. Your goods are sealed in a container and then stored with other containers in a warehouse. This ensures that your goods are secure but does not make access easy. Access can be arranged in advance, giving time for your container to be located and set down for you. Self-storage allows you to have 24hr access to your goods but is more expensive. We can offer self-storage units at various sizes if access to your goods is important to you. For more information please see our Storage Solutions Page.

As with all removals, we take care to protect floors, doors and anything else that can be easily damage during your move. If you require professional floor covering, we can supply carpet stick for £45 per roll (60cm x 100m). Please see our Packing Materials page.

Our terms and conditions can be viewed on the About us page.

Commercial Moving FAQs

Yes. We cater for transportation of specialist items including computer/ technical equipment, from simply moving your PCs to full server and network setup. Please arrange a FREE quote where our surveyor can assess and discuss your requirements.

As with all removals, we take care to protect floors, doors and anything else that can be easily damage during your relocation. If you require professional floor covering, we can supply carpet stick for £45 per roll (60cm x 100m). Please see our Packing Materials page.

We can advise you on what is required however it is the customers responsibility to liaise with local council and organise suitable and safe parking at their premises. Any parking fines incurred will be added to your final bill and be paid by you as per our terms and conditions.

Yes, we are registered as upper tier waste carriers on the Environment Agency Public Register (registration number CBDU271870). We work with local recycling centres in and around Bracknell, making sure that all your waste is responsibly disposed of, in line with UK Laws. As we are registered waste carriers, we must pay business recycling fees upon each visit, which is based on weight. We work with a local charities, to re-home your items where possible.

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